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Fire stop Silicone

Ecoseal 200S

Firestop Silicone Sealant Ecoseal200S is a flexible firestop ideal for sealing dynamic joints in fire-rated construction. In addition, Ecoseal200S is used in mechanical, electrical and plumbing applications to firestop opening and penetrations through fire-rated floor and wall assembles. Typical penetrants include metallic pipe, conduit, power and communication cable and telephone or electrical wiring.

Product Features

  • Firestop tested up to 2hours in accor dance with Korea Standards.
  • Excellent adhesion and weatherability.
  • Cures upon exposure to atmosphere.
  • Applied with conventional caulking equipment.
  • Meets the related standards
    ≫ KS F 4910 F-25HM

Basic Uses

  • Fire complex window for balcony expansion
  • Fire complex area of building such as electrical, computer room and lab
  • Hospitals, nuclear power plants, hotels, airports etc
  • Electrical cable passing parts

Products Typical Properties

Item Numerical value
Viscosity(#7 *2.5 rpm) 1,700,000 cps
Colours White, Gray, Black
Weight (23℃) 1.35±0.05
Tooling Time (work) life 30 (minutes)
Slump None
Tack Free time Front and Rear 60 (minutes)
Movement Capability(%) ±30%
Cure Time        7 ~ 14days
Packing Cartridges

Numerical value
ItemPerformance Temperature   -50 ~ 150℃
Shore hardness(ShoreA) 30 ~ 38
Tensile Strength 1.8~2.2N/㎟(ASTM D412)
Tensile Strength 0.6~0.8N/㎟(ASTM C1135)
Elastic resilience more than 90%
Ultimate Elongation 300 ~ 500%
Application Temperature 4℃ ~ 50℃
Uv and Ozone Resistance Excellent


White, Gray, Black


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