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Structural Sealant Glazing

Ecoseal IGS707

The existing insulating glasses mostly are used to modern construction for the sake of energy saving, noise and dew prevention, have been made by using polysulfide. However, in order to use SSG building method, one must use silicone sealant because polysulfide lacks weatherproof ability and sufficient durability.

Features of Ecoseal 8000(Two-component type)
  • The two-component type Ecoseal 8000 and IGS 3723 are used through automatic machines explicitly for insulating glasses
  • Not only does Ecoseal 8000 and IGS 3723 work as a structural silicone sealnt in insulating glasses used SSG building method, it also corresponds well with non-acetic weatherproofing sealants (Ecoseal 600 & Ecoseal 6000)

Features of IGS 707(One-component type)
  • IGS 707 is a one-component type silicone sealant that is manufactured specially for general insulating glasses production
  • Has excellent weatherproof, durability, adhesion and constructability
  • For secondary sealing of general insulating glasses (Can't be used in SSG building method)
  • IGS 707 is easy to use and produces small amount of wastes because it is sausage packaged


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