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Methylated Silicone

Ecoseal M1

Interior and exterior methylated silicone sealant | Hybrid M1 Ecoseal M1 is a methylated silicone sealant that is an one-component product which is cure by reacting with moisture in the air. It is suitable for joint sealing of porous materials such as stones due to good adhesion and no contamination by plasticizers. In addition, due to having polyurethane sealants and correspondence/paintability features, it is suitable for renovation of window frames and concrete crack sealing.

Product Features

  • It is an outstanding non-polluting products for porous adherend (stone).
  • Has sealing features. (except for some water based paints)
  • Easy one-component workability.
  • Meets the related standards
    ≫ KS F 4910 F-25LM
    ♣ Eco-friendly products (please refer to the separate report).

Typical Applications

  • Joint sealing of porous adherend material such as stone that requires non-staining
  • Waterproofing for aging window frames and concrete crack sealing during renovation work

Basic Uses

※ Please make sure to use a polyurethane primer which contains urethane sealants for waterproofing when using with Ecoseal M1.


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