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Composite Waterproofing Agent


J-TAX 80 is an inorganic elastic composite waterproofing agent composed of J-TAX 80B copolymer polymer emulsion and J-TAX 80A inorganic powder. It is a waterproofing agent with excellent elasticity and excellent adhesion for concrete surface protection and waterproofing. It is applied to construction requiring waterproofing.


  • Good crack bridging capability
  • Weather and frost resistance
  • Good adhesion to substrate
  • Flexible
  • Retards carbonizationof concrete
  • Good resistance to salt and alkaline
  • on-toxic, same as concrete
  • Good adhesion such as plaster and epoxy coating etc.


  • Building roof waterproofing
  • Drywall Bathroom, toilet, shower booth
  • Terraces and balconies
  • Cracking site treatment
  • Repair and coating of interlayer joints in concrete structures
  • Underground waterproofing of various architectural and civil structures
  • Parking lot, swimming pool, water treatment plant, sewage treatment plant, etc.

Technical Data

Form J-TAX80A :Powder
J-TAX 80B :Liquid
Colour Dark grey
Density A+B (mixed) = 1.6 ~ 1.7 kg/L
Elongatioat break ≥60%
Adhesive strength oconcrete ≥1.0/mm²
 Tensile strength ≥2.0 /mm²
Mixing Ratio A : B = 1.44 : 1 by weight
Packaging A :28.8 kg/bag(14.4kg*2bag), B : 20 kg/ bucket
Shelf life A :6 months wheunopened, B : 12 months wheunopened
Pot life 60 minutes at 20°C
Constructiotemperature +8℃ ~ +35℃
Walk-otime 24 hours

Instructions for Use

  • Surface preparation
    Concrete, mortar and masonry surfaces must be clean, free from grease, oil and loosely adhering particles. Steel and iron surfaces must be clean, free from scale, rust, grease and oil. All surfaces must be as true and flat as possible. Absorbent surfaces have to be thoroughly saturated with water prior to application of first coat of J-TAX 80. However no loose standing water should be on the surface before application.
  • Material mixing and application
    Mix at the specified ratio. J-Tax 80B to a container and add J-Tax 80A and mix with electric drill fitted with a stirring attachment at 400 to 800rpm until completely free of lumps Apply uniformly using a brush or roller.
  • Curing
    Special curing methods are generally not required but some precautions should be taken forapplicationsdirectly under sunlight and windy conditions.
  • Repair
    If a bad bond to substrate occurs, cut the area with knife and repair with J-Tax 80
  • Protective layer
    If you have a lot of traffic such as walking, use a mortar to make a protective mortar layer.
  • Important notes and Handling precautions
    - The specified mixing ratio should be observed.
    - If the temperature is below 8 ℃, construction should be prohibited.
    - Construction should be carried out by the company approved by the supervisor and should be
    constructed as specified in the specifications.
    - Avoid direct skin contact. In case of contact with skin, wash thoroughly with plenty of water.
    - In case of eye contact, flush with water immediately and consult a physician.


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