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Road marking paint

two-component road marking paint

JH-ROAD, two-component road marking paint, is a kind of marking material using particular resin as binder, using high quality pigment as auxiliary material and using corresponding hardener as crosslinking.

JH-ROAD adopts active methacrylic resin as binder, using titanium dioxide rutile(white) or coated chrome yellow(yellow) as pigment, using high quality filler and special addition as auxiliary material and using benzoyl peroxide hardener(powder or liquid) as promot agent.

It is a kind of new generation and high performance road marking material.


Available for long-acting marking line on asphalt or concrete pavement. Primer is necessary for some concrete surface.


1. Environmental friendly
    - with high solids content, without solvent, low volatile matter content
2. Strong adhesion
    - chemical crosslinking action makes combination for marking line and pavement which crates excellent adhesion and weather resistance
3. Excellent reflective
    - due to the action of molecular bond force, glass beads combine with the film, not easy to peel off
4. Anti-fouling
    - uniform film, strong, good weather resistance, it is changeless along with the temperature changes
5. Construction is convenient
    - can use airless high pressure double spraying guns, high efficiency 6. Color
    - white, yellow and blue


Conform to KS M 6080 road marking paint standard regulated by South Korea.

Technical data

Paint type Two-component cold plastic paint using MMA 
Color  White, yellow and blue
Specific gravity  1.55~1.65(kg/L)
Volume solids  98±2(%)
Theoretical spreading rate  1.63~2.33(㎡/L)
Film thickness 600~800(㎛, wet film thickness) 
Hardener  Powder or liquid BPO (benzoyl peroxide)
Dry speed < 20 minutes (at least 15℃) 
Dilution rate No dilution
Glass beads Normal days Refractive index 1.50~1.63, 0.42~0.50(kg/㎡)
specification and usage* Rainy days Refractive index 1.50~1.63, 0.25~0.30(kg/㎡)
  (mixed use) Refractive index 1.90~2.40, 0.17~0.20(kg/㎡)
Packing  18 liters per can
Storage In a dry, cool place
Expiration date  6 months 
Caution Separate storage of binder and hardener

Product certificates

1. Korea standard certi. by Korea testing and research institute
2. Eco label certi. by Korea environmental industry and technology institute


Korea expressway CORPORATION and other national highways


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