Poly Urethane

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Top Coat


Urethane top coat based mainly on the elastic acryl urethane resin, is 2 component non yellowing type. It has good adhesion with middle coats. It shows superior durability, elongation, weather resistance and water resistance.

Color : Green, Grey, etc.
Used : Top coat for elastic urethane waterproof and floorings.

Physical properties

▶ Type elastic acryl-urethane(two component)
▶ SP/GR 1.05±0.05
▶ Mixing ratio 5 : 1 (base : hardner , at weight)
▶ Gloss(%) over 60
▶ Solid volume 48±2%
▶ theoretical coverage 0.1kg/㎡ (at DFT 40㎛)
▶ number of coating 1~2
▶ shelf life 6 months from manufacture data when stored at 5~38℃
▶ dry time  
DIVIED 10 ℃ 20 ℃ 30 ℃
set to touch 2 hrs 30 min 10 min
dry through 18 hrs 8 hrs 6 hrs
recoating interval 18 hrs 8 hrs 6 hrs
pot life 8 hrs 3 hrs 2 hrs
▶ meterials  
Substrate Divied Products Name Number of coating D.F.T Coating methode
concrete cement under JH-UP penentration penentration brush, roller, spray
middle JH-U300 1,500㎛ⅹ2 1.50mmⅹ2 roller,brush, rake
top coat JH-T 1~2 0.20mm roller,brush, spray

Safty storage

1. Avoid the sun that storaged at the normal temperature(5~38℃).
2. Because it is reactive with moisture containning air, it is better to using up after opening.

Coating instructions

Top coating :
Do coat with roller,spray, or brush at the rate of 0.2~0.3kg/㎡ to protect middle layer.

※ Application condition
(1) Air temperature : 5~38℃
(2) Relative humidity : 85% max.

Coating system

Divied Products Name Number of coating Theoretical coverage Color Thinner
Under JH-UP 1~2 0.2kg/㎡ Clear max. 20%
Middle JH-U300 2 4.3kg/㎡ Green. ETC max. 5%
Top JH-T 1 0.2kg/㎡ Green. ETC max. 20%

Safety precautions

  1. Don't tinhale solvent gas for a long time or touch on body.
  2. Keep away from fire. Inflammable.
  3. Because it is reactive with moisture containing air, It is better to use up after opening.


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