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Concrete Stain Protect

Penetrating stain repellant finishing treatment for polished concrete.

Adding stain repellance, color protection, and and color enhancement to diamond-polished concrete.

Ameripolish® SureLock™ Stain Protector is part of the three-component SureLock™ Color System designed specifically for coloring and polishing concrete floors. To obtain optimum performance, all three system components, SureLock® Dye, SureLock® Densifier, and SureLock Stain Protector should be used together to lock in colors for long term beauty. This product can be used with dyes and densifiers from other manufacturers, however, optimum stain resistance and color retention cannot be assured.


  • Ameripolish SureLock Stain Protector is a penetrating stain repellant specifically formulated to protect polished, dyed concrete from oil and water-based stains and acidic etching agents
  • Bonds with the other SureLock Color System components to protect color in slab
  • Contains UV stabilizers to help protect colorants in concrete against fading
  • Provides “window of opportunity” to clean up spills before they stain or etch surface
  • Low-odor, non-flammable, VOC compliant (< 40g/L)


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