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Waterproofing Butyl Tape


JH butyl Tape is a self-adhered tape developed for waterproof and sealing of windows, roofs and walls of buildings.
Using high adhesion of butyl compounds, PE. PET. AL. This product is produced in a double-sided shape with adhesive force on both sides and a cross-section product with nonwoven fabric.
It is easy to adhere to the adherend surface and sealed for a long time with high environmental resistance. repair. Sound insulation. It is a product that can be damped.


Butyl tape(JH-BT200)
It is suitable for repairing walls, window frames, panels and various exposed parts of buildings

Roof waterproofing. shilling. Sound insulation. Window part etc.

Automotive industry
Car horn. Sound insulation part. Isolated part. Connection site

Roof waterproofing. shilling. Sound insulation. Window part etc.

Roads and harbors
Maintenance of roads. Vibration reduction. Waterproof

Crack repair. Sealing needle application. Etc

Product Construction

Backing Layer : non-wooven febric, aluminum, pe, pet, textile
Adhesive Layer : butyl rubber
Liner : Paper, pe, pet


  • It is highly dampproof and waterproof and has excellent gas impermeability
  • Excellent heat-resistance, cold resistance and water-resistance.
  • It has good durability, since it is made of weather-resistant synthetic rubber
  • It is recognized physiologically safe, since does not contain volatile solvent, asbestos and chlorine compound
  • High electrical insulation performance and high moisture and moisture barrier, effective for corrosion prevention
  • Construction can be done at any time regardless of the season

Technical Data

Appearance Black tape
Density 1.35 ± 0.05
Penetration 55 ∼ 65
Percent Solids 97% minimum.(Tested at 105℃ for 3hours.)
Shear strength (kg/㎠) above 1.5
Peel strength (kg/25㎜) above 2.0
Width 50mm / 100mm / 150mm
Thickness 0.5~1.5mm
Length 20 meter

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